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Variety 0.4.11 released!

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Variety 0.4.11 was released today. This is mainly a bugfix release. Version 0.4.10 greatly increased the exposure of Variety and with many more users giving it a go, naturally more bugs are being found and reported. Thumbs up to everyone who took the time to report a bug!

Here is an overview of the most important fixes and additions in 0.4.11:

  • Added an option to have Move to Favorites or both Copy and Move to Favorites in the menu instead of just Copy to Favorites. This can be configured on a folder by folder basis. Thus the user can for example have Move to Favorites for folders with randomly collected images and Copy to Favorites for organized albums.
  • Move to Trash was not working correctly. It was moving the files to the trash folder, but in a way that did not make it possible to restore them from the Trash window and emptying trash was not actually removing them. Please check if you have any leftover files in ~/.local/share/Trash and delete them manually.
  • It was possible for the thumbnails display to continue using CPU after closing it from the window manager (e.g. via Gnome Shell’s overview).
  • Preferences dialog was too high for netbooks with 600 px screen height. It now sizes more dynamically, so netbook users should be fine.
  • There were some issues with the right-click popup menu in the thumbnail area that were making it inconvenient in some situations

If you have installed Variety via its ppa – ppa:peterlevi/ppa – then you will get the upgrade via Update Manager or you may do it manually by calling sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade.

The updated DEB file is here.

Have fun using Variety and expect great new features in the releases to follow!

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